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Allen Trottier outside in the garden with 2 dogs while petsitting in Switzerland. Sunny day with the puppies house sitting and home care.

What Is Housesitting?

When pet owners travel, they need a reliable person, couple or family to take care of the pets and responsibilities around the house.

They require help to make sure the home is occupied and kept clean, but, more importantly, they want someone to love and care for their pets the same way they do. In exchange for this help, a housesitter gets a comfortable place to stay.

Who Is Housesitting For?

Housesitting is NOT for everyone.

On one hand, anyone can be a sitter… but not everyone should be a sitter.

Housesitting is probably for you if you love pets, you love travel, and you are comfortable in new situations that might be out of your comfort zone.

Need Help Getting Started?

I’d love to help you get started housesitting. Schedule a 30 minute chat with me so we can review your situation and make a plan about how you can get started. 

Allen exploring Mexico while housesitting. Perks of pet sitting as a housecarer. As a house sitting coach to help people get started.

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