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So you’re planning your next trip and you’ve decided to take advantage of the housesitting community.

Where do you start looking?

How do you know you’ve found someone that’s trustworthy?

These are great questions that many homeowners have the first time they want to find a sitter.

This guide will help you find your ideal houses sitter and give you some tips about what to look for in your ideal candidate.


Housesitting Websites

There are a lot of housesitting websites to choose from but I personally think this is the best place when you’re starting your search.

Similar to services like Airbnb or other room rental places, housesitting platforms often include a review system where homeowners can give honest reviews of the sitters who have cared for their home and pets.

Reviews can really help to give you a good snapshot of how the sitter will be if they were at your home.

A housesitter’s profile will show photos, videos and a written bio about the sitter as well. This will give you a better idea of where they’re from, their experience, why they housesit.

Your choice of platform will come down to where you’re located and how much you’d like to pay. Most of the websites are free for homeowners but some of the larger ones do require an annual fee.

Some sites have more active members than others which can be to your advantage. If you’re located in a large city you’ll have an easier time finding a sitter regardless of which platform you choose.

But if you’re in a place that’s a bit more rural, you’ll want to join a site that has a lot of sitters. This will allow you to select from multiple candidates.

Here is a quick breakdown of a few platforms. I’ve organized the sites based on location. The global sites are the largest and will probably have the most housesitters looking for assignments.




No matter where you’re located, these platforms will be able to help you find a sitter.

They all have different price points, which may be a consideration if you’re only planning to use the service once a year. However, if you plan to take multiple trips throughout the year, you may want to select a site that has a lot of sitters so you get a lot of applications to look through.


Trusted Housesitters

I personally use Trusted Housesitters the most out of any platform. Even though there are a lot of listings, the amount of sitters heavily outweighs the pet owners. You shouldn’t find it hard to find a sitter on this platform – making it the ideal resource for finding your sitter.

The only caveat is that it is the most expensive platform but I feel like they do provide the value for the money.

  • Around since 2010
  • 2000+ listings making it  the largest platform
  • Expect a lot of sitters applying to your listing
  • Sitters have three tiers of verification
    • Basic: Phone and Email verified. At least one external reference.
    • Standard: Confirmed Identity and document checked.
    • Enhanced: Criminal Background Checked via a third-party
  • Cost to homeowners – $119 USD annually
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Link:


House Carers

House Carers has been around for a long time and has built up a lot of trust within their membership. In contrast to Trusted Housesitters, this service is free for the homeowners and paid for the sitters.  

The site and backend admin system isn’t as polished as Trusted Housesitters but it gets the job done. And who can say no to free!

  • Around since 2000
  • Roughly 200 or so active listings at any given time
  • Sitters can manually upload references and background checks
  • Homeowners = Free | Sitters = Paid
  • Link:


HouseSit Match

While they are a global platform there seems to be more of focus on the European market. If you’re based in Europe they may be a very good choice for you. They owner of the site helps with a more personalized service to help you get the match you’re looking for.

  • Around since 2013
  • 20+ active listings
  • Sitters can manually upload references and background checks
  • Cost to homeowners: GBP £35 basic / £75 premium
  • Link:



Nomador is another global platform that caters more to the European market.

The owners of the site are really trying to put an emphasis on the trust factor between the sitters and pet owners.  They have a unique ID uploading system to help verifying members.

Unlike most of the other house sitting websites, sitters are not able to upload external references. Their badge system is kept 100% within the platform.

  • Around since 2014
  • Roughly 300 or so active listings at any given time
  • Sitters can manually upload references and background checks
  • Cost to homeowners: $89 annually or $35 per quarter
  • Link:


Mind My House

I haven’t personally used this website but the feedback I’ve heard is positive. It’s only $20 for sitters to join and free for homeowners.

  • Around since 2005
  • Roughly 150+ active listings at any given time.
  • Sitters can manually upload references and background checks
  • Homeowners = Free | Sitters = Paid
  • Link:




Aside from HouseSit Mexico, I haven’t used any of these regional housesitting platforms so I can’t give any advice or comparisons. Instead I will list the price and give you a link to check them out directly.


Housesit Mexico

I use HouseSit Mexico quite frequently. I love travelling in Mexico and I find myself checking their site quite frequently to see what sits are available.

The majority of homeowners on this particular platform are expats from Canada, America and Europe calling Mexico home.

The website was recently taken over by new ownership in 2016 and they have been working hard to build a large community. I was fortunate to meet up with the owner Alex while I was housesitting in the Ajijic area. If you’re located in Mexico, Alex is a great resource to help you find a sitter.


Housesitters America


Housesitters Canada




House Sitters UK


Mind a Home UK




Aussie Housesitters


Happy Housesitters


Mind a Home


House Sitters Australia


Australian Housesitter


Kiwi Housesitters


Housesitting Tasmania



After You’ve Chosen Your Platform

Once you’ve chosen and join a platform, your next step is to add your listing.

Each site will be slightly different but here are the points you’ll need for your listing:

  • Dates of your Trip
  • Location
  • Title/Headline ie. Enjoy a week in ‘City Name’
  • A description of your location and things to do in your area
  • A description of your pets and home responsibilities
  • Photos of your house and pets

For a more detailed breakdown of listing your housesitting assignment, check out our article on ‘How to Attract More Housesitters with Your Listing’.


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